Relay Port Agency Ltd were formed in 1981 as a customs clearance agency serving the port of Hull.

Later in that decade an office was opened on the South Bank servicing the ports of Immingham and Grimsby (long before the port of Killingholme had even been thought about!).

Technologic developments meant we were able to complete import and export clearance at other UK ports. This has now developed so that we can now clear, from our offices in Hull, at the majority of ports in the UK. The only exception to this being the Port of Dover, which is serviced by our efficient independent agents, P.S.G.

From just two directors working from a portacabin in 1993 we are now three directors and five full and part time staff. Our client portfolio includes most of the large forwarders, such as Agility Logistics, DSV and DHL to name a few and a host of large multi-nationals such as Stihl, Grace and Siemens.

We believe that our success has come from the fact we treat every customer the same, whether it’s a small haulage company or a large multi-national. Our goal is to help educate our clients so that they know the information we require, and why, helping them to help us.

If you don’t give us a try you will never know!

All merchandise coming in and out of the UK is privy to strict customs controls which are constantly changing. But with us, you can be assured you will have the latest information to make the whole clearance process simpler and easier.

Based on decades of experience and excellent working relationships with other agencies, we can complete your shipping needs with ease. We can cut costs by anticipating and preventing delays, preparing paperwork in advance and tracking your merchandise with links directly to the customs computer, checking what stage it is at during clearance procedures and providing any additional supporting documentation that may be required.

Our Services

  • Importing
  • Exporting
  • VAT
  • Intrasat
  • Consultancy

Meet The Team

In a fast growing and ever changing industry you can rely on our team of dedicated professionals to navigate you easily through the complex legislative and regulatory requirements of HMRC.

Darren Southwell

Joined Relay in 1987 and liked the Company so much he bought it. Has a wealth of knowledge of the Import/Export clearance industry having worked here man and boy! Also sits on several Shipping Committees keeping up to date with current and new procedures.

Steve Mercer

Moved in as a lodger in 2002 and he loved it so such his company (MDM) merged with Relay in 2005 – a match made in heaven! He is the oldest member of the team and many would say he's the most experienced. The calming influence when it all gets too much for us all!

Meryl Bainbridge

Joined Relay in 1986 and might have bought the company herself had Darren not beaten her to it. Again has a wealth of knowledge in Customs procedures, some say she's the best paid receptionist we've ever had!

Sam Ledger

Sam is the baby of the team and is quickly expanding his knowledge and experience – some would say that he has an excellent team of teachers!

Lisa o'Neill

The lady of the company – She helps the boss get through his admin and ensures that your invoices are received on time. She is also the best baker in the office and her lemon drizzle bake is to die for...

Jenna Cammish

Our newest member to the team – brings a ray of sunshine to the office – whatever the weather! We are not sure if it’s because she’s married to John the Trainer!

Robbie Sainty

Robbie, what can we say! A very likeable ginger, just a shame he’s a Rover’s supporter!

Claire Hilton

It must be something about the Admin section as she brings smiles to the office, along with Jenna. The driving force behind our successful AEO application.

Steve George

An ex P+O staff member, Steve joined us on his return from Canada. Another black and white to bolster the team, Steve likes to spend his lunches in the gym, the breadcrumbs around the air-bike will testify!

Business Consultancy

If you're setting up in business or expanding overseas it's vital to make sure you are handling your import and exports efficiently.

We provide you with all the support you need to ensure the smooth passage of your goods. We guide you through every aspect of importing and exporting, making sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date data at all times.

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